About Us

Today the Internet is leveling the playing field for everyone that has a stake in the public process. Issues can be positioned, coalitions can be built and public opinion can be shaped, all via the Internet.

Advocacy.Marketing is a seasoned group of digital marketing industry veterans who have come together to work with public affairs firms, political consultants, political candidates and PR firms to help them succeed online.

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Social Media

We build and optimize your social channels.

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Online Coalition Building

We educate, activate, and mobilize your constituents.

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Online Advertising & Media Buying

We reach and convert supporters.

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Research & Digital Strategy

We create your entire digital strategy.

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Sentiment Monitoring

We listen and engage with your constituents.

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Database Management

We organize and segment your email marketing lists.

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Email Marketing

We deliver your message at the right time to the right person.

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Web Development

We develop your digital environment with strategic goals in mind.

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