Advocacy.Marketing LLC set to Market Online Newspaper

Recently Advocacy.Marketing took on a new assignment that we find very exciting. ​The Davis Vanguard​ (TDV) is an online newspaper that has been publishing multiple times daily since 2005. The “paper” has focused on Davis news and the courts in Woodland and would now like to expand their coverage to include the rest of Yolo County.

To do that TDV went looking for more marketing horsepower and after a number of discussions TDV asked Advocacy.Marketing (A.M) to become the paper’s defacto marketing department.

It’s no secret that newspaper publishing has been completely disrupted by the Internet. Finding a sustainable business model for both print and online has become a difficult task for the biggest papers to the smallest. The nice thing about TDV is that they are not wedded to an old legacy business model. TDV does not need to sink 25% or 40% of their cash-flow into newsprint and distribution. TDV publishes whenever there is news, not just the few days a week they go to print.

The one thing that does seem to be working for newspapers is a solid connection to the community they serve. TDV is operated by a local board of directors that meets monthly to ensure the paper stays on track covers the kind of stories important to its readers.

“Since TDV was invented to exist online, Advocacy.Marketing will promote what they do online. We will use social media, SEO, Ad Words, Google Analytics and more to bring the most relevant, useful news to Yolo readers” said Joe Camicia, Founder of Advocacy.Marketing.

So Advocacy.Marketing is pleased and excited to help TDV face this challenge. Marketing news and serving as a community resource is different for today’s journalists. There is still a huge role for journalism in keeping the public informed. How that information is delivered will be the key.