Effectively Using Digital Marketing to Win in November

Vote By Mail
While we’re in the dog days of Summer it won’t be long before voters mailboxes are flooded with literally dozens of campaign mailers. Mailers that will go into the trash unread. Yet consultants hope that if they send a dozen mailers touting their client/candidate– one or two of them might get read on the way to the trash.

There is an alternative. Over the next couple of posts we will explore how Advocacy.Marketing can employ digital marketing tools to help your candidate win. Too often consultants view digital marketing as an either/or tool. “I need to spend on mail and TV so I can’t spend on digital marketing.”

With the popularity of Vote-By-Mail (VBM), many elections today are won or lost well before election day. Back in the day, consultants held mail and TV for the last week or two before an election when voters started to focus on which boxes they would check in the voting booth. Today they are mailing earlier and earlier to persuade VBM voters. What they should be doing is reminding those voters via digital marketing that–

1. they should check their mailbox for their official ballot
2. where on that ballot they can find their candidate
3. when they need to return that ballot
4. where to drop off that ballot if they don’t have a stamp
5. where to drop off the ballot election day if they miss the deadline

Those are all tasks important in getting your candidate elected via VBM. Yet very few candidates hammer-home those five points to get out their vote. Those tasks can very affordably be communicated to actual voters, multiple times via digital marketing. As voters surf Facebook or Instagram that can see posts that show them what the VBM ballot looks like, when it needs to be returned, who they should vote for by VBM. Research has shown voters are much more likely to complete the task of VBM IF they receive regular reminders via digital marketing.

It is far less expensive to communicate with voters via digital marketing than send a single mailer to the voting universe. At Advocacy.Marketing we can help your candidate win VBM as well as election day.